About Us


Sagar Rice is all about our customers. Our forte is outstanding service and superior product – impressive qualities that draw customers to us and keep them with us. We go out of our way to ensure our customers receive nothing less than the best consistently.

We offer an exceptional product, and state of the art manufacturing ensures that you get the best product for your money. The health of our customers is of utmost importance, and hence we put a lot of care into every grain we bring to the home of our customers – such that you would be able to ‘taste the difference’. Our product is ‘naturally’ better since we love what we do, and cherish the fact that we can ensure the happiness of our customers when they cook and eat our product.

Our customers are people who appreciate the finer things in life and have a genuine passion for food, and hence we know that they value nutrition, value for money, and taste – all the things we offer consistently.

Please connect with us to know more or simply visit our website pages to understand why Sagar Rice is the ‘ocean’ of the best Basmati Rice, packed with goodness and health.

Our Team

Our team is a close-knit group of like-minded, enthusiastic, and passionate foodies. We understand your need to be an environmentally responsible consumer, which is why we deal directly with farmers. These farmers are our partners – people we know and trust. Our team is dedicated to providing wholesome, nutritious, responsibly sourced, and tasty products for our customers, who also refuse to compromise on any of these factors. Stay connected with us to know more about our great selection of products.


  • To Become the ‘Ocean’ of Great Rice
  • Becoming the Supplier of Choice for Top Class Basmati Rice
  • Building a Community of Health and Superlative Taste
  • Rice as Pure and Sustaining as a Mother’s Love

We at Sagar Rice know that health encompasses more than nutrition. It is about environmental consciousness, love, passion, and taste of the products we sell and you consume. Our mission is to match our customer needs by remaining ‘hungry’ for better, and being curious about food. Our mission includes offering the highest value for every buck you spend on our products. We are committed to improving the lives of farmers and society as a whole by sourcing and producing offerings that sustain the environment – it is our mission to protect and promote natural products and nature.


  • Offer the Best Products Consistently without Harm to the Environment
  • Being the Best in Class by Providing Top Quality, Taste, and Nutritional Value
  • To Produce Offerings with Love and Passion for our Customers
  • To Make Our Customers Smile with Every Grain

Our vision is to promote health of our customers and that of the environment, through responsible sourcing and production of our top quality Basmati Rice. We are determined to provide tasty and nutritious products to all our customers wherever they may be located. We will conscientiously strive to offer products that we would be happy to feed our own families, and ensure that our customers feel satisfied and satiated when they eat our rice. We envision running a company that contributes consistently to society and the environment, backed by a team of talented and passionate foodies.

Values and Ethics

Creating a sustainable healthy future by providing top quality and remaining environmentally conscious

We value doing the right things, which means that health, nutrition, and taste of our products are paramount.  We believe that by supporting ethical farming and production, we can help to sustain the harmony and balance between people and the environment.  Our team is dedicated to keeping pace with the needs and preferences of our customers, and we are happy to receive feedback that would help us become even better. We value healthy eating for all, which is why we are ambitious in the way we approach this goal – we strive for innovation, forward thinking, and excellence in all that we do.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have made a concerted effort towards making CSR a key differentiator for our company’s reputation and competitiveness.  We collaborate with like-minded people for social causes, which in turn reduce costs, eliminate risk, engender better relationships, and foster an environment for innovation and creativity. Corporate social responsibility initiatives have given us more confidence and have enhanced trust of our company’s stakeholders –working for the greater good of the society has helped us build support and goodwill.

Corporate Social Responsibility for us is about raising the levels of the economy by being a responsible corporate. Partnerships with others in the community are a great booster for us and help us to make things happen faster and better the things we have been doing. We as a company know that our actions directly affect customers, employees, other stakeholders and the society we operate in, and hence we are more mindful of our actions. We know that we cannot live or work in a vacuum and so stimulating growth and the economy is part of what we do and we aim to ensure that our work and products further fire growth and success for us, and those associated with us.

Abhay Sagar Foundation

We at the Sagar Foundation understand that irrespective of where someone is from, they have the right to health and education, along with all the other human rights. Our focus is on education and health since we believe that when children and women in particular have access to their rights, they remain confident and independent. They would have the capability of ending the vicious cycle of poverty, since they would be empowered to shape their future, and would be able to fight any factors that prevent them from doing so.


Education is both the path and the destination of a higher quality of life. Education is the ‘armour’ against exploitation, and factors that prevent a person from accessing his or her rights as a human. Education is empowering, allowing people to know exactly what they deserve, get better means of livelihood, increases awareness of social issues, and helps people fight off curses such as exploitation, hunger, unemployment, illness, and so many more.

Education is the tool and method that affects a paradigm change and transformation in society today. It is imperative to understand that the woman of a household must be educated – only then will she be able to steer her children and society towards a better life. In households today, an educated elder sibling would be employable early on, taking on some of the financial burden, making it easier for the other siblings to get an education. 


Linked closely with education is the importance of healthcare. An educated individual will understand the dangers of illnesses, will know what medication to take, when and how to reach the nearest medical facility / doctor, and would be able to keep their families healthy too.  We at Sagar Foundation thus not only carry out regular drives and undertake activities in this area we also proactively promote awareness around healthcare, and guide people on the benefits of remaining clean, hygienic, and healthy.