Our Process

Farm to Fork

1. Research + Development

We understand the importance of research and development in order to bring in innovative methods of producing rice, including reduced amounts of water required. We conduct regular research to remain abreast with new seeds, better use of fertilizers, methods of reducing production cost while increasing productivity. This has kept us ahead and able to produce better rice while putting lesser ‘burden’ on the natural resources, and increasing the remuneration to farmer partners.

2. Seed Development

The Basmati Rice we bring to you is of the highest quality and loaded with nutrients. This is because we are meticulous when selecting the highest yielding seeds, which are clean, full size, and mature at the time of planting. We ensure that the soil is prepared and is congenial to the proper growth of the seeds. The seeds are treated with fungicides to ensure that they are not destroyed / corrupted by soil borne fungi.

3. Contract Farming

Contract farming not only provides our partners with assured income, we get consistent quality, regular supply, and our prices remain unaffected by increase in market prices. In turn, we also help our farmer partners with technical guidance, ideas for higher production, and support them in any way possible. This opens up new avenues for small farmers, and we can keep an eye on quality of seeds, production methods, and the final produce.

4. Sourcing and Procurement

The fine and delicate quality of our produce comes from the intense research and effort we expend to procure the best paddy from top quality suppliers. In addition, we conduct rigorous tests on the paddy to rule out residues, microbes, fungi, and other harmful substances, and additionally test the soil to ascertain that we have received the best in class paddy.

5. Milling and Processing

Milling refers to the two stages of rice processing – hulling is the removal of the layer of bran and the next step is the polishing of the rice to enhance appearance. Since this leads to the stripping of some of its nutritional value, we enhance the quality of the rice by replenishing these nutrients and vitamins ensuring that our customers receive health and taste. Special care is taken when packing the rice too, ensuring it does not spoil.

6. Storage and Ageing Process

The distinct taste and smell of Basmati rice comes from the ageing process. This reduces the amount of moisture in the grains, while ensuring that the rice takes on the perfect length, taste, and smell – attributes that make Basmati Rice the most preferred rice variety worldwide. We have top class storage and warehousing facilities to ensure that our rice remains fresh, and protected from humidity, infestation, bird and rodent droppings, and other adulterants.

7. Quality Check

Despite taking the necessary precautions and maintaining the strictest and highest level of health and hygiene standards, there is one final stringent quality inspection on the rice before it reaches our customers. We ensure that our rice remains at the top of the ‘heap’ against all the mandatory assessment parameters defined by the industry.

8. Packing Supervision

The final but critical step is the packing of our high quality produce. Our packaging units are state of the art, maintaining the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene. These are in keeping with the required packaging quality standards prescribed by the industry.


The brand ideology of Sagar Rice is all about love, care, passion, excellence, and superior quality. It is our endeavour to remain in competition with ourselvesconstantly, such that we can give our customers better produce each time. We have a top of the line fully automated plant with the best technology to ensure that the produce remains healthy, pure, and brimming with taste. Our machinery is state of the art and match international standards to ensure uniformity of the produce, while retaining its heady aroma, length, and nutritional value. A combination of all these factors allows us to remain confident that we are producing and supplying the best and finest grains of the rice preferred globally- Basmati. Connect with us to give your family the best rice that money can buy.

Our Facilities


State of the art unit for paddy milling – untouched by hand removal of impurities and bran layer. The nutrients lost from the polishing of the rice are replenished to ensure health. Meticulous care is taken to separate the longer grains from the shorter / broken ones, before packaging.


Our top quality warehousing facilities to ensure that as the rice ages taking on its characteristic aroma and full-bodied goodness, it remains protected and safe from adulterants. Our customers receive Basmati Rice that is not only high in taste, but brimming over with health and care.


The parboiling step is undertaken with great care and hygiene. This ensures that all the nutrients from the bran enter the endosperm of the rice, enhancing its nutritional value. In addition, this results in faster to cook rice that does not split but retains its shape after cooking.


We at Sagar Rice understand our responsibility towards the environment, which is why we have a state of the art effluent treatment plant. Wastewater is managed judiciously, which in turn protects the environment from degradation, and ensures sustainable growth for us and the rice sector.


We understand the critical role of packaging to maintain the sanctity of our product. We have experts to keep strict vigilance over the packaging process ensuring that bag quality, sealing, printing, stitching, weight, and overall handling of the packets is top notch.