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Our Process


We conduct regular research to remain abreast with new seeds, better use of fertilizers, methods of reducing production cost while increasing productivity. This has kept us ahead and able to produce better rice while putting lesser ‘burden’ on the natural resources, and increasing the remuneration to farmer partners.

Seed Development

The Basmati Rice we bring to you is of the highest quality and loaded with nutrients. This is because we are meticulous when selecting the highest yielding seeds, which are clean, full size, and mature at the time of planting. The seeds are treated with fungicides to ensure that they are not destroyed / corrupted by soil borne fungi.

Contract Farming

Contract farming not only provides our partners with assured income, we get consistent quality, regular supply, and our prices remain unaffected by increase in market prices.

Sourcing & Procurement

We conduct rigorous tests on the paddy to rule out residues, microbes, fungi, and other harmful substances, and additionally test the soil to ascertain that we have received the best in class paddy.

Milling & Processing

Milling refers to the two stages of rice processing – hulling is the removal of the layer of bran and the next step is the polishing of the rice to enhance appearance.

Storage & Ageing Process

We have top class storage and warehousing facilities to ensure that our rice remains fresh, and protected from humidity, infestation, bird and rodent droppings, and other adulterants.

Quality Check

We ensure that our rice remains at the top of the ‘heap’ against all the mandatory assessment parameters defined by the industry.

Packing Supervision

Our packaging units are state of the art, maintaining the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene. These are in keeping with the required packaging quality standards prescribed by the industry.

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What We
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Values and Ethics

Creating a sustainable healthy future by providing top quality and remaining environmentally conscious

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have made a concerted effort towards making CSR a key differentiator for our company’s reputation and competitiveness. We collaborate with like-minded people for social causes, which in turn reduce costs, eliminate risk, engender better relationships, and foster an environment for innovation and creativity.

Our Certifications